Most Common Hair Extension types

Most Common Hair Extension Types

Hair extensions, perhaps, is an excellent idea that transforms the whole look of a person by keeping your hair healthy. To get a hair extension of your choice depends on your financial state, preference and type hair. The price will largely depend on the length of the hair, quality, and volume. Match the color and texture of your natural hair to that of the extensions. The extensions should blend admirably and perfectly with your natural hair.

Types of hair extensions that are common

Weft hair extensions

These are also semi-permanent. These includes the weave, tape-in, and glue-in. In thiweftsdfghjkloiuytrewertghjs method, you apply a weft of hair to the natural hair in rows. Tape-in hair extension is still new and involves of either single or double tape. Application of weft to the hair is by using a tape. Glue-in hair extension is a very temporary method and suits people who do not like to wear extensions quite too often. Apply glue to the base of the extension and stuck to the hair. Sew-in hair extension, commonly, is made by braiding the hair to create a base for the extensions, and then using needle and thread, the weft is to the braids. It is suitable for thick, coarse and curly hair.

Strand by strand

These are semi-permanent hair extensions which include pre-bonded extensions, and micro-link/hot fusion. In pre-bonded hair extension, extensions are fused to your natural hair using by locking to beads. Small sections of your natural hair are clamped together with the extensions after pulling. Hot fusion extensions involves fusing the strands of extensions to your hair using heat. A heating element melts the bond to your hair. You may use silicon during bonding to prevent damage to your hair.

Micro-link skin weft

It is semi-permanent. Your hair is pulled through a silicon-lined weft and then locked with a shutting tool. The silicon will prevent damage and breakage to your hair. When using this extension,you need no heat or glue. To maintain it, avoid over-styling and using oil-based products.

Clip-in hair extensions

These are also temporary hair clip-extensionwsdfghyujiopoiuytrdeextension . They include flip-in extensions and clip-in extensions. Here, small pressure clips are used to apply wefts of extensions into the hair. It is suitable for people who do not like to wear weave for long. You can easily remove this weave even before bed time.

These are among the most common types of hair extensions you can use. The type of hair extension to choose depends on preference, hair type, and your wallet. Hair extension is one great way to spruce up your appearance.

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