Capturing the special moment of your wedding day



At Femina Photography + Design, the Femina Ladies, Ms. Nicole Dimotsis and Ms.Noelle Andrews priorities you and your choices. We are at your service to capture your precious memories as you embark on a new journey of your life, or as a new member of the family joins your entourage.

Your wedding day, the birth of your child, all other important events are dependent on your unique personality, desires, and your completely exclusive temperament. From sending out of the save the date’ invites, to wedding invites and wedding day photography, we will make sure that everything, every design and each nuance of the photography, coffee table books, is reflective of your personality.


22 mvmbnmIn addition to these, the services include a provision of coffee books, wedding websites, handcrafted invitations letter, placement holder cards, thank you notes, all of which are based on the wedding theme or color of your choice, down to the last detail of texture of paper and font style. But this is not all, With Femina, you will get all details attended to and your invitation cards will match your wedding bouquet and your placement card will be on the same lines as the thank you cards, or paired or contrasted the way you want it.

Wedding invitations

Starting with the save-the-date and wedding invitations, the team at Femina Photography + Design will meet with you, browse your choices and have a lengthy discussion with you. To decide upon the texture of the paper, the text of the invite, the envelopes and all other related details, until you are satisfied with the result. It is an important day for you, and you are most important to us, which is why we ensure that the most minute details fir to perfection on your big day.

Portraits and photographs

The wedding portraits and photographs are meant to capture life’s purest and most joyful moments. This day is about the new journey that you and your partner are embarking upon. Your precious moments are as important to us, and while we are there to capture each and every tender glance, euphoric moment, the bonds of friendship and the familial closeness, we ensure that we do not become a hurdle in the path of your celebrations. We ensure that the portraits are arranged in full glory of the grounds and capture the each and every important member of the entourage, details of your dress and accessories, the location and the ground. On the other hand, during your ceremony, we remain in the background, never missing an important moment.

Your wedding photographs and portraits are also not the greatest highlights of the event; at FeminaPhotography + Design, the team of ladies provides you with a coffee table book and a wedding website. Each of these are designed after a detailed discussion with you, the client, and are revamped and changed according to the exact demands of the clients.

Precious memories

33lkfgoijriWe are standing right beside you to make your precious memories last, and we make sure that all the details on the sidelines are also taken care of. From hand, decorated guests’ books that speak to your personality and immortalize the wishes and love of your guests, to placement cards, thank you cards and wine labels, we ensure that we maintain one theme throughout the wedding celebration. And all of this comes with a sophisticated, graceful feminine touch, to completely astound your senses with the Femina Experience!’

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