Animatics Story Board Examples


Animatics assist animators and developers of artwork in editing errors that exist in work. The animatics are in particular used to test the quality of sound, graphics and colored themes and how these are interwoven to follow proper timing closely. The animatics are developed on storyboards which occur in different forms, and that enhance the testing of the content to ensure its animations and sounds flow in tandem to each other. Click on the highlighted link for the Animatics story board examples;



Flowchart animatics assist in outlining complex ideas through visual idea flow. The flowchart ideas are easily understandable and visually pleasing. The flowcharts are easy to get started and it easy to export flowcharts as PDF or image files.

Organizational charts

Animatics represented through organizational charts give a structured outlook to the content in an artwork. They communicate various aspects of prioritized team structures and uses various layouts, formats and colors to create a distinction and relationship between key points. Filters used are easy to hide or show fields on the organizational chart. They are easy to style and highlight sections of images embedded in websites.

Interactive site maps

Interactive sitemaps provide a clear layout through inquisitive or suggestive templates. The site maps offer perfect plans which enhance website information visualization. The information architecture of interactive site maps is easily retrievable for future audits and use in real time.

Wireframes and UI mock-ups

This type of structural designs allows the animators to draw at the speed of thought while maintaining a natural visualization. This is because it uses an interface that allows drag and drop frames and mockups.

UML diagrams

Animatics use the UML diagrams that assist in designing and document systems. This enables the use of power features of UML smart objects. This allows the developers to draw faster and model using 14 UML diagrams.

Mind maps

This type of animatics storyboards allows the animators and developers to brainstorm on existing ideas and concepts. It allows them to collect their intelligent content to test and plan using thoughtful considerations versatile ideas. The mind maps allow the animators to explore all possible situations and scenarios which enable them to work out a progressive flow of content which gives the artwork seamless integration with no faults.

Network diagrams


The Network diagrams use specific topology designs such as CISCO diagrams. Most of the network diagrams use Smart objects that allow real-time collaboration among peers and are enabled on cloud services and other web service diagrams.

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